Joyful July

First of three months that I missed from my previous blog. Some lovely moments happened in July. My three best friends’ B-Day (July 2, 7, 26), my best friend’s wedding, etc.

Hard to find the exact word for those moments, maybe Joyful July can describe it.

Joyful July

Semarang, 26 -27 Juli 2009

Ke Semarang kali ini berbeda dengan sebelumnya. Menyusuri Kota Semarang mulai dari wilayah kota tua, Stasiun Tawang, memburu lumpia di Gang Lombok, mencari Jalan Dorang demi menemukan toko buku impor dan murah, berputar-putar mencari jalan pulang ke penginapan yang akhirnya malah menemukan daerah Kauman Semarang, sampe “kelaparan” karena baru makan siang jam 4 sore 😀 Eh malah akhirnya nemu tempat makan enak, Nasi Goreng Babat, Babat Gongso :yummy:

Semarang tak terlupakan 😀 Sayang ada yang terlewatkan di Patra Jasa wakakak ….

Joyful July 2


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This is a blog about my journey, my story, and my "curhat". "Laisya : A New Hope" is inspired by "Star Wars IV : A New Hope". (I love Star Wars Saga :D). This is my new blog to replace "Laisya and Her World". Well, actually I made this blog long time ago, before I made "Laisya and Her World". However, for certain reason, I have to leave "Laisya and Her World" and start this new (but old) blog :)

More about me??

Now, I live in Jakarta but I'll always love Bandung as my hometown. I used to live in Adelaide, South Australia for two years due to my study (master degree). I like reading, swimming, watching movies, and travelling. I have a dream to visit all interesting places in this planet. I hope my dream will come true someday. Am I a dreamer? Maybe, but why not?? Sometimes I envy TV reporters whom travel around the world for free, and they were paid. Gee, that is a Dream Job! :D Daydream? Yeaah, whatever lah :P.

Too many "dream" words here, maybe I actually should put "Laisya and Her Dream" as a blog title :D.

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