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Karimun Jawa : A Dream Journey

Catatan Perjalanan waktu ke Karimun Jawa 13 – 16 Maret 2010. Ada di Blog satu lagi (Laisya and Her World) : Part 1 dan Part 2. And of course, this one, Karimun Jawa : Tips and Tricks to Travel. Just read in Laisya and Her World. 🙂


six weeks

This is a busy week for me. Starting by monday (March 22 until April 30, 2010) I have “new office” since I should attend 6 weeks training in Wisma Sentra Mulia, Kuningan, Jaksel. It means I have to depart at least 6 a.m. to catch 7.30 class. Now, metromini 69 and kopaja 66 become my “best friend” everyday (or tukang ojeg if I late :mrgreen: ). However, many “chaos” happen in this 1st week :sigh: This is a tough training with many assigments (3 papers in 6 weeks in English). Hah? … capeeee … (lagi di Kopaja 66 yg lg melintasi macetnya Jl. Gatot Subroto di sore hari, sambil ngantuk dan lapar :mrgreen: ).

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Welcome to Laisya : A New Hope

This is a blog about my journey, my story, and my "curhat". "Laisya : A New Hope" is inspired by "Star Wars IV : A New Hope". (I love Star Wars Saga :D). This is my new blog to replace "Laisya and Her World". Well, actually I made this blog long time ago, before I made "Laisya and Her World". However, for certain reason, I have to leave "Laisya and Her World" and start this new (but old) blog :)

More about me??

Now, I live in Jakarta but I'll always love Bandung as my hometown. I used to live in Adelaide, South Australia for two years due to my study (master degree). I like reading, swimming, watching movies, and travelling. I have a dream to visit all interesting places in this planet. I hope my dream will come true someday. Am I a dreamer? Maybe, but why not?? Sometimes I envy TV reporters whom travel around the world for free, and they were paid. Gee, that is a Dream Job! :D Daydream? Yeaah, whatever lah :P.

Too many "dream" words here, maybe I actually should put "Laisya and Her Dream" as a blog title :D.

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Enjoy your day!

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