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Weird May

May is a tiring but nice month for me. Many things happened in this month.

1. There was RB gathering. Finally, I could joined them after a long long time. 🙂

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Mau nulis tentang 6W5 ternyata udah keduluan ma Cipu … but it’s OK. I write my own version.

Apaan sih 6W5? Well, itu adalah kelasku selama training 6 Minggu, yang artinya 6Weeks-5 (kelas ke-5) di antara 6W-ers lainnya. Walaupun awalnya kami sekelas menyangka bahwa 6W5 tuh sisa-sisa kelas yang lain deh, yang gak masuk kategori 1-4, semua dijejalkan di 6W5. However … aku sangat senang sekali ada di kelas itu. Kalo kata Cipu sih, the best class ever (setujuuu!).

30 April 2010 – Auditorium – Closing Ceremony

Tidak terasa 6 minggu telah berlalu. Semua berawal dari februari yang lalu, I found out that I got ADS, I was very happy although at the same I was sad (opposite to Alia, the world always say NO to me). But hey, the last six weeks was an unforgettable moment.

Six “crazy” weeks with various characters of classmates. Here they are:

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Welcome to Laisya : A New Hope

This is a blog about my journey, my story, and my "curhat". "Laisya : A New Hope" is inspired by "Star Wars IV : A New Hope". (I love Star Wars Saga :D). This is my new blog to replace "Laisya and Her World". Well, actually I made this blog long time ago, before I made "Laisya and Her World". However, for certain reason, I have to leave "Laisya and Her World" and start this new (but old) blog :)

More about me??

Now, I live in Jakarta but I'll always love Bandung as my hometown. I used to live in Adelaide, South Australia for two years due to my study (master degree). I like reading, swimming, watching movies, and travelling. I have a dream to visit all interesting places in this planet. I hope my dream will come true someday. Am I a dreamer? Maybe, but why not?? Sometimes I envy TV reporters whom travel around the world for free, and they were paid. Gee, that is a Dream Job! :D Daydream? Yeaah, whatever lah :P.

Too many "dream" words here, maybe I actually should put "Laisya and Her Dream" as a blog title :D.

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Enjoy your day!

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