Mau nulis tentang 6W5 ternyata udah keduluan ma Cipu … but it’s OK. I write my own version.

Apaan sih 6W5? Well, itu adalah kelasku selama training 6 Minggu, yang artinya 6Weeks-5 (kelas ke-5) di antara 6W-ers lainnya. Walaupun awalnya kami sekelas menyangka bahwa 6W5 tuh sisa-sisa kelas yang lain deh, yang gak masuk kategori 1-4, semua dijejalkan di 6W5. However … aku sangat senang sekali ada di kelas itu. Kalo kata Cipu sih, the best class ever (setujuuu!).

30 April 2010 – Auditorium – Closing Ceremony

Tidak terasa 6 minggu telah berlalu. Semua berawal dari februari yang lalu, I found out that I got ADS, I was very happy although at the same I was sad (opposite to Alia, the world always say NO to me). But hey, the last six weeks was an unforgettable moment.

Six “crazy” weeks with various characters of classmates. Here they are:

source foto : dari file-nya Miranti’s Collection

Cipu, a talkative class leader, a guide in Kuningan area during the EAP. Btw, your speech made us proud to have a class leader like you.

Mbak Neni, you were the “TM”, however you were the “icebreaker” for all of us.

Willie, an architect, smart guy with sunda and singlish accent (congrats yaa … ternyata you’ll go different way … yg lain ke timur, kamu sendirian ke barat).

Mbak Ida, ibu dosen yg anggun dan halus khas wanita Jawa dan Mbak Maria (miss vocab) yg sangat keibuan. I miss the chicken suffle (bener ga sih nulisnya?) and macaroni schotel. And of course, thanks for the pashmina 🙂

Mbak Uni yg pendiam tp ternyata menyimpan sejuta kejutan, you showed a great presentation and I admired your writing.

Adib sang diplomat, who like to share jokes during lunch, with great speaking/diplomacy ability, the class will be different if there is no you. I think all of 6W5-ers will miss your “Menunggumu”.

Ichi (an Aceh’s girl with unique eyes), Clara (lady rocker), and Miranti (talented young person: a humble pianist, singer, knitting’s teacher, and of course my Aisyah’s sister), kalian bertiga trio young guns nih. Salut … msh muda2, very smart, membuat kelas rame saat diskusi. Terus berkarya ya Adek2, cieeee Adek2 …

Malfi, heeyyy … ternyata ini cohort satu Ministry tp baru kenal di 6W5. A “door” man hehehe … Btw, You’re a sundanese without p,f,v, problems. I should make such effort to do that hahaha … 😆

Mbak Alia … ibu dosen yg cantik, she never hesitates to share her opinions with great confidence. Sometimes we had something in common when we were so stupid in reading, especially public policy’s articles :sigh: . Oh dearest, I was very happy when I knew that I’ll have a friend there … but see, the world always say no to me (I should go another way). I hope you will be OK with all that medical things.

Last but not least, our great teacher, David (Om Dapiet). I like the way you explained something with all those pictures. The way you teach inspired me to do my best and brave enough to share my ideas/opinions in class (athough sometimes I thought my ideas/opinions were ridiculous, gak penting, dan gak nyambung kaliii …).

Setelah me-review semua temen-temen sekelas, mereka semua pinter-pinter with excellent English, rasanya aku ada di kelas yang salah, bahasa Inggris-ku paling kacau 😳 bahkan mungkin harusnya bukan masuk 6 W-ers :mrgreen:

Then, it’s time to say gooodbye …

However, this morning (right after the closing ceremony) was the worst (it wasn’t about my feeling, but the time limit). I hope this rejection won’t make me divert to the next intake. Oh God, I can’t stand another rejection 😥 .

Berharap suatu saat the world will always say YES to me, insyaAllah.

–Ditulis di perjalanan pulang “terakhir”, 30 April 2010, Kopaja 66 dan Metromini 69—


10 Responses to “6W5”

  1. May 3, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    Lies, I am ghoosebumping now reading this post.

    It’s a nicely written post. It is not about which post is better, but it’s about conveying your feeling through ur post. I really like this post.

    I believe Allah will give you more YES next time.

    Miss you and miss all the people in the class

  2. 2 amalfi
    May 3, 2010 at 3:19 PM


    nice review, I love it 🙂
    kebetulan saya dari kecil diajari p, f, dan v dengan benar, jadi nya ga ketularan bilang pe, ep sama pe, hehehehe….
    keep workin on it!

  3. 3 ichi
    May 3, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    mba lies… miss you already. i’m sure there’ll be good news from Uni of Adelaide very soon. Quoting from Clara’s blog, “No worries, mate” 🙂

  4. May 3, 2010 at 3:40 PM

    @Cipu, @Amalfi, @Ichi … I miss you all. Yup, “no worries, mate!”
    Remembering those 6 weeks altogether :sigh:

  5. May 3, 2010 at 4:27 PM

    No mbak lies
    you are as bright as the brightest star hahaha
    see, my english is bad too, I can’t express myself so well in english. But even if my english is better than you, my brain contains less knowledge than yours. You have all you need to shine 🙂
    You have my sincerest prayer for your offer in Uni Adelaide this June.

    Thank you for your notes. It’s a blessing to know you and YES!! I’ll keep nge-rock (siapa aja yang masuk angin di Canberra nanti hehehe)

    miss you mbak

  6. 6 mir
    May 3, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    My dearest sister, thanks a lot, for all those great times together.
    I am sorry if I joked quite often on your f, p, v. But believe me, I’m sure you can manage your it. I think your english is very very very good! If you didn’t, you won’t be with us, won’t you?

    Believe me mbak, I also have the same experience. People said that I’m Miss Happening. In everything that I do, there must be some *or lots of* obstacles. It never runs smooth. IDK why. But I believe, if I do my best, with God’s will, everything will be ok.

    Yang penting istiqomah-nya mbak. Teguh berpendirian, teguh berjuang <3<3

  7. 7 alia rahmi
    May 4, 2010 at 7:55 AM

    my dearest Lies..

    oh, those ‘bengong’ moment (‘krik krik’ moment ya cipu?) as the article goes on and on about inflation, public policy.. whateverrrr

    no.. no… (another NO ya lies), i gotta say something on this NO issue,
    hmmm lets see, there are YES(es) in your life lies, let me go through this:
    YES for the trip to Berlin
    YES for the ‘unplanned’ trip to Dresden and return to Berlin safe and sound..that’s a big “YES”
    YES for all the other trips
    YES for all other achievements, u’re just too humble to share
    YES for having incredibly fun friends in 6w5..
    come on lies…

    and i’m sure there’ll be more YES(es) lining ahead you in the future.
    just make sure you let me know when the YES from Adelaide arrives!

    miss you dear.
    miss all of you.


  8. May 4, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Oh Dearest Clara, Miranti, and Alia …
    Miss you so much.

    Thanks for all the support hiks … hiks …
    It’s a bless to know all of 6W5-ers.
    Love you so much.

  9. 9 Alin
    May 4, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    Asslm Lies,

    Okeeih, ‘TM’ should write something here, rite? otherwise it won’t be the real article of 6w5:)

    First: I never noticed that you have those p, v, f troubling accent. That’s because you glittered me the other sides.

    Second: It is such a fruitful life you have, full with ‘NO’ (as you assumed) and completed with ‘GREAT YES’ that the SUN even envies you almost.

    Third: You will get the offer from Adelaide that soon (amien), until you feel tired of smiling to every mirror you look at.

    I love odd number, so it is up to the third.
    We surely replay any moment with you, Lies….uncountably.
    Lov you and all 6w5 2010 folks

    • May 4, 2010 at 3:28 PM

      Waalaikumsalam …
      Ooohhh … luv u Mbak 🙂 How much I miss you with those crazy moment. You always had great spirit to spread around the class 😀

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